At Maroon Assistive Technologies, we take the load off your back, literally. Using your own body weight and our exoskeleton, you can perform your daily tasks with less effort and more comfort so you have more energy at the end of the day. All for the price of a power tool.

Maroon Assistive Technology creates next-generation human assistive devices which quite literally take the load off your back. We research, design, and create technologies at an affordable cost to ease the burden millions of people face, making their movements more efficient, ensuring better posture and reducing the risk for work-related injuries. We have designed and developed our first device that is ready for production: an affordable exoskeleton that reduces back strain.

Founded in 2018 by several members of the Assistive Robotics Lab at Virginia Tech, Maroon Assistive Technology continues to disrupt the research and development of human exoskeleton technology which began life as the Lowe’s lift-assist exoskeleton. Our exoskeleton has been covered by CNN, the Verge, and the Washington Post among others.

Our exoskeleton reduces back muscle activity by 30%, making it best-in-class.